August 28, 2013 | Barb Carr

Career Development: 10 Worst Pieces of Career Advice


Have you ever heard someone say “they don’t pay me enough for that” or “save it for the performance evaluation”? Well, think twice before following that advice, along with a few other statements, writes Jenna Goudreau on

She notes that the first myth expresses a sense of entitlement that can be detrimental to your work attitude and reputation. Humility is a much more effective way to reveal your worth to your bosses and earn a raise in pay the hard way.

And “saving it for the performance evaluation” shows a lack of comfort speaking with your boss or employees about important issues. You should keep an honest line of communication open in your workplace, to nip any problems in the bud and keep your culture positive and morale high.

Among those myths is “multi-task to get more work done” which we’ve written about before. Click here to read our previous multi-tasking article and learn how you can improve your habits.

Other pieces of career advice aren’t always wrong – they’re judgement calls. These include “it’s who you know,” “get an MBA,” and “if you’re not happy in your job, quit.” These are effective pieces of advice many times, but networking isn’t always the way to a better job. And an MBA is a good option for many but it’s very costly and should be entered into as a stepping stone to a larger goal, rather than as an end in and of itself.

As for job satisfaction, it’s absolutely up to you. You can tell whether your job is worth the difficulties it may be causing you. It may be time to leave if your bosses are verbally degrading, your stress is causing you health problems, you see no opportunities for advancement, or you’re unable to spend time with your family. However, if you can see a silver lining in the future, you may be able to revamp your goals at work, make some temporary sacrifices, and commit to stay on another year. If there’s no improvement, begin looking for other jobs.

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