February 17, 2014 | Barb Carr

Career Development Tip: Who Else Wants a Dream Career?

moving-on-quotes-1If you’re not currently in the career you want to be in, one way to get there is to consider the short and long term skill requirements for that position. Understanding the skills, education, technology and experience requirements of a position, and then developing a plan to achieve them will help you obtain your long-term career goals.

This doesn’t necessarily mean obtaining a bachelor’s degree. There are many short-term training programs that will help you update your résumé and move in the right direction. Look around for training programs that you can fit into your busy schedule that offer a powerful learning experience for little time commitment.

For example, many employers are looking for people with TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis skills. With a 2-day or 5-day investment of time, you can add this valuable skill to your résumé and open up many new and exciting opportunities for your career development.

The first step is deciding not to stay where you are. Learn what is required to move ahead and take a step toward your dream career.

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