September 6, 2010 | Barb Carr

Certified TapRooT® Instructors: Have You Made Your Summit Plans?

Certified TapRooT® Instructors:  Have you signed up for the 2010 TapRooT® Summit to maintain your certification?  If so, here is just a sample of the great line-up we have prepared for you:

TapRooT® Instructor Update: The instructor update,  led by Linda Unger, Ken Reed and Michelle Young is designed for Certified TapRooT® Instructors only. In this session, the students will receive the new instructor material as well as their updated date plaques which show that their certifications are current.

What’s New in TapRooT® Sofware: Sofware Project Manager, Dan Verlinde is leading this session so come and learn the latest developments.

What Makes a Good Instructor Great? Mike Rodriguez, Brian Tink, and Linda Unger will share tips about taking your skills to the next level.

Ken Reed will be leading “Ideas for Leading Investigation Teams” Once you attend a TapRooT® course and learn how to use the techniques, the real challenge begins! How do you actually start a real investigation? What do you need to know in order to efficiently lead a team of investigators? In this talk, he’ll discuss:
  • Preparations required before an incident occurs
  • The first steps when you receive that phone call
  • How you actually use the TapRooT® tools during the course of a real-world investigation

Linda Unger, Michele Lindsay and Michelle Young will be leading the TapRooT® User Best Practice Session. Learn and share best practices.

Police Tips for Leading Investigation Teams:  As former senior Detectives based in the UK, Alan Smith and Mhorvan Sherret have extensive experience leading criminal investigations including homicide. Of more relevance to TapRooT® users, they have also led investigations into numerous offshore workplace fatalities in the North Sea Oil and Gas sector. During this session they will begin with a case study of a typical workplace fatality introducing the scenario through the eyes of the world leading graphic Return to Scene (R2S) technology. Thereafter they will provide a fascinating insight into the challenges of gathering evidence from the scene of an ongoing operational facility, interviewing witnesses traumatised by the event together with a flavor of the Corporate pressures which can be brought about by the victim`s relatives and the media. During the interactive session Alan and Mhorvan will engage with the audience and share tips and experience.

Also learn Legal Aspects of TapRooT® Investigations with Karen West.

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