June 21, 2010 | Mark Paradies

CNN Reports: Frustrated locals not waiting for OK to stop oil

CNN Reports …

Vacationers were the first to notice the bird fumbling in the water near this popular tourist beach last week. It bobbed and swayed differently than other birds, and didn’t react when humans came dangerously close. Once it was ashore, they could see why: a light sheen of oil covered its feathers.”

Animal health technician Stephanie Neumann tried to rescue the Northern Gannet, but beach safety officers stopped her. Her coworkers at the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge already had stabilized birds and a sea turtle affected by the Gulf oil disaster, but officials wanted to know: Did she have a contract with BP? Could she — and the bird –wait while they verified her organization’s status?

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This is why the investigation of the spill response will have so many Causal Factors of decisions that made the accident worse (slower spill response) that the only hope is to analyze the Generic Causes of the spill response problems (because there are too many errors to analyze the root causes of each one).

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