September 6, 2007 | Mark Paradies

CNN Story catches up with the Root Cause Analysis Blog

Back on August 4, 2005, we posted pictures that someone e-mailed to us of a truck accident.

Here they are again:

 Photos Accident Graphics Scary1

 Photos Accident Graphics Scary2

 Photos Accident Graphics Scary3

Now CNN has discovered the photos and reports that they are real and have been posted on some of the myth-busting sites.

Interestingly, says that the accident occurred on December 30, 2006. Then how did we get the pictures in 2005? I went back to check the date but my blog software changed this year and I don’t have the original postings anymore. Also, I went to look in my e-mail files and stuff from 2005 has been deleted. Therefore, I guess we’ll never know if the report is right or wrong.

Just one last note … The Root Cause Analysis Blog doesn’t try to be up to the minute with news but in this case we think we beat CNN to the story by two years!

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