June 27, 2010 | Mark Paradies

Columnist Laura Parker Comments on Multiple Deepwater Horizon Investigations

Laura Parker, an independent columnist, has written an interesting article about the problems with multiple investigations of the BP Deepwater Horizon accident. See the full article at:


The story starts with:

When a little-known federal agency with just 14 investigators joined the growing list of government probes into the Deepwater Horizon disaster, it renewed cries from the Gulf of Mexico — and beyond — that no one seems to be in charge.”

A quote from the story about the Joint Coast Guard/MMS investigation:

In addition, the panel’s public questioning of witnesses has come in for criticism from the Interior Department’s acting inspector general, Mary Kendall. Because the MMS lacked clear guidelines for conducting accident investigations (they are summed up in a scant five paragraphs of regulations), the Coast Guard’s more substantial procedures are guiding the probe. The Coast Guard rules ‘are comprehensive,’ Kendall told a House committee, ‘but in my view, completely backwards, gathering evidence via public hearing, rather than developing evidence to culminate in a public forum.’

Read the rest at the link above.

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