January 2, 2020 | Mark Paradies

Combine “What If” Analysis with TapRooT® to Get Proactive Prevention of Process Safety Incidents

Using “What if” and TapRooT® for Hazard Assessment and Process Safety Improvement

Joel Solomon, experience process safety expert and TapRooT® Instructor, will teach the 2-Day What-If and TapRooT® Hazard Course.

The 2-Day What-If and TapRooT® Hazard Course is a process hazard analysis course incorporating many of the tools used during a TapRooT® Incident Investigation. The SnapCharT® will be used to map out actions and all the conditions necessary for the successful management of change. Using process and instrument drawings, the class will practice using Safeguard analysis to generate the type of thought-provoking questions essential to facilitate a What-If team analysis.

The same process used to develop action items following an incident investigation will be proactively applied. Participants will use the Root Cause Tree® and Root Cause Tree® Dictionary to analyze significant issues and then apply the Corrective Action Helper® Guide to create an action plan to address problems associated with a change in process design.

During the 2-Day What-If course, you will practice the communication skills needed to facilitate a team meeting effectively. The What-If methodology is well-suited for identifying potential hazards when managing change. Incorporating many of the TapRooT® skills proactively in the What-If analysis will keep your incident investigators ready when they need to lead an investigation.

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