February 28, 2007 |

Company Reports That Peanut Butter Recall to Cost $50 – $60 MILLION

Have you noticed the empty shelves where Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter used to be?

It has been recalled.

Another expensive food quality problem.

Kevin McManus, a TapRooT® Instructor and food safety expert, wrote an article titled:

Are You Hungry for TapRooT®

That is available at his web site: http://www.greatsystems.com

It seems that many food processors could used advanced root cause analysis to investigate recall problems. It would be even better if they were applying TapRooT® PROACTIVELY to find and fix the causes of the food safety/quality issues before they become recalls.

Note that one of the Saturday session at the TapRooT® Summit is a session for Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers and Food Processors to discuss quality improvement and improving manufacturing performance. If a Food Processor wanted to jump ahead in the performance improvement race, they could go to San Antonio and:

1. Attend the 2-Day TapRooT® Incident Investigation and Root Cause Analysis Course on April 23-24.

2. Attend the TapRooT® Summit on April 25-28. I think that one of these tracks would probably be the most applicable:

– Corrective Action Program Best Practices
– Lean, Process, & Quality Improvement Best Practices
– Proactive Improvement Best Practices

and then on Saturday attend the Pharmaceuticals Manufacturers and Food Processors Benchmarking session.

I don’t think you could find a better six days to get new ideas and best practices that one could use to prevent food safety issues. Why? Because these won’t be the same old industry sessions. They will be cross-industry best practices from around the world.

I hope to see quite a few food processing companies take advantage of this timely opportunity.

For more on the peanut butter recall see a Business Week/AP article at:


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