January 2, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Construction Safety

Here are just a few “construction hazard” pictures.


These construction companies NEED a ZERO ACCIDENTS program.


Where can you learn about how a Zero Accident Program works?


At the TapRooT(R) Summit, April 5-8, 2006, in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.


Click here for complete Summit info.


They are just one mistake, one slip, one error, some bad luck and … Fatality Investigation.

Construction Accident 1

Don’t wait.

Constaccident 03

Lives may depend on the actions YOU take TODAY to improve safety performance.

If you would like to learn best practices that have caused major safety improvement for construction companies, attend the Safety & Risk Management Track of the TapRooT(R) Summit.

The Summit is being held in Gatlinburg, TN, on April 5-8, 2006.

To see the topics, click here.

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