February 13, 2009 | Barb Carr

Continental flight 3407 crashes killing all 49 on board


Sadly tonight, Continental flight 3407 crashes with no survivors. Some eyewitnesses reported that the Bombardier DHC may have been on fire before it crashed through trees and into a neighborhood. One person on the ground was also reported as a fatality.

It is always scary when a large number of people are killed simultaneously. After instructing a TapRooT® course in Phoenix this week, I am flying home tomorrow on 3 different airplanes by the time I get home. And yes I pray I make it safely to my family.

What gives me peace of mind is that after 18 years working on or building aircraft and knowing that I had six Alaska Airlines’ safety auditors in our course this week, i know that these types of incidents are not typical. Because of rotor burst designs, tire burst designs and fuel lines designed not to break during hard landings the aircraft world is safer than most think. The life cycle stress tests are also another reason why the recent aircraft crash in the Hudson allowed the aircraft to stay intact.

My heart is saddened for the families of the 49 that died. I truly am eager to see what caused the accident so that it can be prevented and the airways remain safe for all.

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