September 14, 2011 | Mark Paradies

Corrective Action Has Unintended Consequences – What About Yours?

In response to “too many” 16-year-olds being killed in traffic accidents, many states have toughened the requirements to obtain driver’s licenses. This resulted in a decrease in 16 year old deaths.

The unexpected consequence? An increase in 18 year old deaths.

It seems that many teens are delaying getting their licenses and don’t get as much experience as teens who get their licenses earlier. Thus they make mistakes ad get in serious accidents.

Here’s a link to an Associated Press story about the problem:

That’s the problem with poorly thought out corrective actions that aren’t based on thorough root cause analysis and careful development of corrective actions. They frequently have unintended consequences.

Are your investigations based on thorough, evidence based root cause analysis? Do your corrective actions go beyond the common three corrective actions (retrain/refresh, revise the procedure, and reemphasize to the employee to be careful)?

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