March 5, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Corrective Action: Warn Pilots That Altimiters Could Be Wrong – Be Careful!

Here’s some pictures of the crash with some tower audio…

Turkish Airlines Flight 1951 Crash

Something bothers me about this Boeing action.

If one of the altimeters fail, like it did on the Turkish Airlines Flight 1951, then the automatic throttles will slow the plane down. (Like it did on that flight dropping them from 2000 ft into a muddy field.)

So what does Boeing advise? The CNN web site says that a Boeing memo says:

Boeing recommends operators inform flight crews of the above investigation details and the (Dutch Safety Board) interim report when it is released. In addition, crews should be reminded to carefully monitor primary flight instruments,”

Be careful? Is that enough?

How many other automatic features do they need to “be careful” about?

Is this adequate corrective actions?

Do they need a better engineering fix?

Is “be careful” just a temporary interim corrective action?

Be careful just doesn’t seem to be enough.

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