November 12, 2007 | Mark Paradies

Cosco Busan Scrapes San Francisco Bay Bridge – Crew Held for Questioning

 Ens Nov2007 20071108 Coscobusan
Picture of damage to ship

I love reading newspaper accounts of accidents. An Associated Press story had the following two quotes:

“Investigators were focusing on possible communication problems between the ship’s crew, the pilot guiding the vessel and the Vessel Traffic Service, the Coast Guard station that monitors the bay’s shipping traffic.”

“A language barrier between the vessel’s pilot, Capt. John Cota, and the ship’s all-Chinese crew was not likely a factor in the crash, since the ship’s captain and officers are required to speak English, officials said.”

I wonder what official said that a Chinese crew speaking English was not likely a factor because they are REQUIRED to speak English?

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