August 11, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Cost of an Accident: CERN to Pay $37 Million to Recover from “Human Error” and “Faulty Electrical Joint”

Here’s some excerpts from the US News & World Reports story:

“CERN has been working since late last year to repair the damage caused by a faulty electrical joint. The breakdown occurred nine days after the spectacular start up of the $10 billion machine last Sept. 10 when beams of subatomic particles were sent around the accelerator in opposite directions.”

“He (spokesman James Gillies) said the biggest cause of the “bad accident” last year was ‘probably due to human error caused by rushing the project.'”

“‘But I view it as a temporary black eye. We’ll get it up and running,’ Kaku said.”

“CERN expects repairs and additional safety systems to cost about 40 million Swiss francs ($37 million) over the course of several years, covered by the 20-nation organization’s budget.”

If human error could cost your company millions. maybe it’s time to invest in a little training that will help you stop human error. See the course at this link:

Stopping Human Error

The course will be held in Nashville, TN, on October 5-6, just before the TapRooT® Summit.

The Summit also has a Best Practice Track about human error, titled:

Behavior Change & Stopping Human Error Best Practices

Session in that track include:

  • Communication That Prevent Human Error
  • Assuming Perfect Performance is a Human Error
  • Can You Find the Human Error
  • Behavior and Human Error
  • Critical Task Tool/Procedure Improvement Project
  • Character Driven Success
  • Changing Behavior By Praising the 49 Character Traits
  • Nuclear Industry Error Reduction Tools PLUS More Ideas
  • Flipping the Switch: Living the QBQ!

Again, if your company is “at risk,” consider attending the Summit and learning industry best practices.

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