April 29, 2010 | Barb Carr

Could these Answers Affect your Investigations – Live Q&A Session with OSHA

This is a link to an April 26 chat session with OSHA. Interesting answers.


Here is just one question and answer:

[Comment From Greg Hellman, BNAGreg Hellman, BNA: ]
OSHA has placed an injury and illness prevention program rule on its agenda for the first time. Could such a rule address musculoskeletal disorders in some way?
Monday April 26, 2010 1:27 Greg Hellman, BNA

David (OSHA):
The i2p2 standard is not a substitute for other OSHA standards. It provides a mechanism to achieve the culture change needed in this country to effectively address workplace safety and health issues. It will be the employer’s responsibility to identify all hazards in their workplace, which may include ergonomics, falls, amputations, electrocutions, work-related respiratory disease (such as occupational asthma), etc. The i2p2 standard simply provides a mechanism for employers to identify hazards; however, the control of those hazards will be required by existing OSHA standards and the general duty clause, as is currently the case.

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