February 21, 2012 | Mark Paradies

Countdown Continues … 7 Days Until the 2012 Global TapRooT® Summit!

We can confirm that this will be the biggest Summit of all time.

Pre-registrations are over 20% about the biggest Summit ever held.

What does that mean?

1. GREAT NETWORKING! More people means more people for you to meet.

2. START EARLY ON THE NAME GAME. Previous Summit participants have a trick that I’ll let first time Summit participants know about. They arrive early on Tuesday and register that afternoon/evening. That way they miss the morning registration rush. Then while others are busy getting registered, they have a leisurely breakfast and start on their NAME GAME introductions.

On the back of the Summit badge you will find your Best Practice Breakout Session schedule and three names. The names are the people you will have to find and introduce yourself to during the introduction exercise name game. You will have to find at least one thing that you have in common with the people that you have to find.

You will be looking for three people and three people will be looking for you.

When that’s spread across 300+ participants (slightly more than those pictures below), it makes for a wild start to the morning!


There, if you get started early, you avoid the rush and be able to find your folks while they are still sitting around the tables by their name tag.

3. ROOMS WILL BE FULL. When you get to a session, please use all the seats. The ones up front are great. And plan to sit beside someone new in each session and introduce yourself. That makes for even more people that you will get to meet.

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