Do you really understand trending? Learn why most people misuse trends and special techniques to trend infrequently occurring accidents, incidents, and human errors. Mark Paradies (President of SI and co-designer of the TapRooT® System), and Chris Vallee (a Six Sigma Black Belt) developed this course after seeing so many inappropriate examples of trending used to make major corporate and regulatory decisions. You’ll learn the simple yet powerful techniques to spot real trends and recognize everyday variation. You will also get an advanced Microsoft Excel® trending template spreadsheet to produce the specialized graphs taught in the course.

Upon completion of the course, attendees will receive a certificate of completion, the book, TapRooT® Performance Measures and Trending for Safety, Quality, and Business Management, and a template to make the advanced graphs taught in the course.


Day 1

  • What is Trending?
  • What does BAD Trending Look Like?
  • What is a Performance Measure?
  • Developing Performance Measures
  • Why and What to Trend
  • Simplest Trending: Dot Maps

Day 2

  • Spot Areas to Improve: Pareto Charts
  • Trending Over Time: Process Behavior Charts
  • Trending Safety Stats: Special Process Behavior Charts
  • How Management Should Use Trending

Provided with the course:

  1. The book: TapRooT® Performance Measures and Trending for Safety, Quality, and Business Management by Mark Paradies.
  2. Microsoft Excel® trending template spread sheets.
  3. Course workbook.

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