Are You Prepared for a Major Investigation?

It is not a best practice to find out you are not prepared for a major investigation during one, but many companies find this out the hard way. This webinar helps you avoid that. Learn how to develop a major investigation checklist so you’ll be prepared if the worst-case scenario happens, and learn some helpful tips about how to manage any type of investigation along the way.

This webinar is guided by a LIVE instructor using GoToMeeting.

These questions will be examined during the webinar:

  • Are you prepared for a major investigation?
  • Can you define when a major investigation would be required?
  • Is this something your company has ever discussed?
  • Have you defined specific duties and who would carry them out during an investigation?
  • Do these individuals have the skills, training, and authority to conduct a successful major investigation?
  • If this has all been developed how have you ensured all the responsible people and others in your company are aware of these requirements
  • Have you ever carried out a drill?

This 90-minute webinar lead by Pat Fortune and Brian Tink has been developed to help you find information and answers to the above questions that are specific to your company. We will discuss tips and suggestions to help you facilitate and carry out the development of a major investigation direction document.

Meet the Instructors

Brian Tink has been a Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP) since 1999 and has conducted many investigations during his career. He has over 30 years experience in the power industry in various roles which included 13 years teaching TapRooT® internally and carrying out investigations. Further to this, since 2008 Brian has been conducting TapRooT® training and investigations for several industries throughout the world. Having been involved with many major investigations Brian can speak to why a major investigation plan is prudent and necessary.

Patrick Fortune is also a CRSP since 2009 and has Nebosh (IGC) and 2nd Class Power Engineer certifications. His background is in heavy industry operations & safety leadership in areas such as power generation, market pulp and oil and gas production/construction. His EHS career began in 2005, where he specialized in increasingly serious investigations and RCA. Patrick has worked with oil and gas majors in an “architect” role with corporate teams setting up serious incident investigation programs and stewarding to the process for their most serious events. He has taught TaprooT® in house and now as a contract instructor for System Improvements and echoes Brian’s concerns on the necessity of having a plan for significant incident management.

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