TapRooT® Executive Leadership Course (6 Hours)

Leadership’s involvement and understanding of the TapRooT® program and the role they play in the initiative is invaluable in attaining sustained results and positive ROI’s.

Leaders want to understand the big picture so they know what is needed from them. An understanding of TapRooT® informs them of questions to ask when presented a TapRooT® Investigation Report. In this course, leaders will gain a detailed understanding of the TapRooT® Investigation Process, and a working knowledge of how to support and sustain their TapRooT® Program. This course is interactive.

The 6 hours of instructor-lead online training will introduce students to The Essential TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Techniques, including:

  • SnapCharT®
  • Causal Factor Worksheets
  • Root Cause Tree® Diagram and Dictionary
  • Corrective Action Helper® Guide
  • TapRooT® Software

And will detail leadership’s role in supporting the TapRooT® Program and investigators. Attendees will practice techniques on realistic examples.

By the end of the 6 hours of virtual instruction, students will have a detailed understanding of the TapRooT® Investigation Process and a working knowledge of how to support and sustain their TapRooT® Program.

Course Outline


Class Introductions & TapRooT® Introduction

Performance Improving Vision

TapRooT® System Overview – What You Will Be Learning

SnapCharT® Basics – Gathering Information

Causal Factors – Identifying the Error

Root Cause Tree® – Eliminating Blame

Corrective Actions – Developing Fixes

Management Best Practices

Identifying and Building a TapRooT® Team

Proactive TapRooT® Analysis for Continuous Improvement

Course Materials

  1. TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Leadership Lessons Book
  2. TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Implementation Book
  3. Course Workbook

Learning Environment

The course will be given virtually using an online teaching platform. However, this will be a very interactive course. Each student must have their own computer, with a webcam on during the class, allowing them to see the instructor and interact with the class. There will be continuous opportunities for participation, with plenty of breaks to keep everyone engaged. Team exercises will be completed throughout the course and will utilize cloud-based TapRooT® Software.