Equifactor® Equipment Troubleshooting & TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis

Do you have repeat equipment failures? The Equifactor® and TapRooT® Techniques are designed to help you troubleshoot equipment problems and get the information you need to find and fix the root causes of equipment related failures. The Equifactor® Techniques are based on the work of noted equipment reliability expert Heinz Bloch. The tools can be used by maintenance personnel, equipment reliability specialists, or investigators who don’t have an extensive understanding of equipment engineering.

In two days, you will learn how to use Equifactor® to troubleshoot equipment issues and find out what is leading to failures. Then you will learn to use the TapRooT® System to organize the information you collect, identify the Causal Factors of the failure, and find the fixable root causes of the failure. Finally you will learn to develop effective fixes to stop future equipment failures.

The tools you will learn include:

  • Equifactor® Troubleshooting Tables – a systematic guide to troubleshoot common equipment problems.
  • SnapCharT® Diagram – visualize and organize the information you collecting to make what happened understandable.
  • Root Cause Tree® Diagram and Dictionary – find the real, fixable root causes of human performance and equipment issues.
  • Corrective Action Helper® Module – provides suggested corrective actions to help you develop effective fixes.
  • Safeguard Analysis – helps define Causal Factors and develop effective corrective actions.
  • Change Analysis – collect and understand information about problems caused by changes or differences in system, equipment, or people.

In addition, the Equifactor® Techniques can be used to develop proactive equipment performance improvement initiatives and Equipment troubleshooting procedures.

Course Outline

Day One

  • Class Introductions and Background of TapRooT®
  • SnapCharT® Basics
  • SnapCharT® Exercise
  • Define Causal Factors
  • Intro to Root Cause Tree®
  • Root Cause Analysis Exercise 1 – Class Walkthrough
  • Root Cause Analysis Exercise 2 – Team Use of the Root Cause Tree®
  • Understanding Generic Causes
  • Developing Corrective Actions (Corrective Action Helper® and SMARTER)
  • Exercise: Generic Causes and Corrective Actions

Day Two

  • Troubleshooting Methodology
  • Equifactor® Overview
  • Equifactor® Troubleshooting Exercise
  • Custom Tables & Exercise
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Failure Modes and Agents & Exercise
  • Evidence Gathering Plans & Exercise
  • Equipment Change Analysis & Exercise
  • Proactive Use of Equifactor®
  • Problem within a Problem Exercise
  • Final Team Exercise

Upon completion of the course, attendees will receive a certificate of completion and a 90-day subscription to TapRooT® VI Software, our dynamic cloud-based software that computerizes the Equifactor® and TapRooT® Techniques.

Course Guarantee:

Attend this course, go back to work, and use what you have learned to analyze accidents, incidents, near-misses, equipment failures, operating issues, or quality problems. If you don’t find root causes that you previously would have overlooked and if you and your management don’t agree that the corrective actions that you recommend are much more effective, just return your course materials/software and we will refund the entire course fee.

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