Where Does Discipline Fit Into Your Incident Investigations? (60-Minute Webinar)

The answer to “does discipline fit” seems pretty obvious to us – right?  Discipline doesn’t fit in.  We should investigate and do the RCA first before we put together corrective actions (which could possibly include discipline) once leadership and HR review our findings.

But how do we convince everyone to be patient to protect the company and our workers?  Management may be conditioned to correct behaviors quickly when it is most effective and easy for the worker to understand.  I’ve put together some thoughts to share with your teams to ensure you can help to limit liability and improve your culture.

This webinar will cover:

  • how to leverage discipline effectively.
  • dangers of quick discipline.
  • strengthening your Management Systems.
  • secrets for driving desired behaviors before discipline is necessary.

At the end of this webinar, participants will have learned:

  • how to appropriately leverage discipline as a corrective action.
  • how to identify their management systems improvement opportunities.
  • the reasons why well trained, smart workers sometimes break rules.
  • how to drive compliant behavior to provide clarity and confidence to the workforce.

Meet the instructor: Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller is the Vice President of Development for System Improvements, Inc and is a TapRooT® Instructor. Miller specializes in pursuing excellence in training individuals and teams to identify and correct the root causes of issues that negatively impact their business. He is passionate about client satisfaction, engagement, and building true partnerships that can exceed goals and achieve lasting financial and operational success. With a strong background in both operations and business development, Miller served as the Vice President of Operations in the healthcare industry and has extensive training in business development, client/employee engagement, and management/leadership philosophies. Miller is committed to improving the safety of workers and patients by meeting by helping healthcare facilities implement comprehensive root cause analysis.

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