April 16, 2021 | Mark Paradies

COVID Prevention Plans for the Summit and Pre-Summit Courses

Knoxville, TN - site of 2021 Global TapRooT® Summit

Zero Spread at the Summit

Last year’s Summit was held the week before the lockdowns. The guidance at the start of the Summit was “no problem, masks aren’t good, flying is OK, wash your hands.” By Wednesday night (three days later) the government was announcing that they were going to cancel flights to and from Europe. By the next week they were starting the two week lockdown. A month later we had mandated business shutdowns, mask requirements, and social distancing.

Even though we don’t know what mandates will be in place by mid-June, I think it is wise to announce our plans for the people who attend the Summit in-person. So, the following are our plans…

Summit COVID Prevention Plan

We Will Follow Local COVID Mandates

When we scheduled this year’s Summit, we thought that COVID would be gone by the summer of 2021. We were wrong (although the spread in Knoxville is very low).

We don’t know what mandates will be required by mid-June, but we will follow them.

As of today, Tennessee has no state-wide mandates. They do allow mandates by counties, cities, and local businesses.

Knoxville has a mask mandate and some restaurants and other facilities have social distancing and capacity limits.

The Knoxville Convention Center follows the Knoxville guidelines and has capacity limits for the rooms we will be using.

We will announce the Knoxville/Knoxville Convention Center guidelines the week before the Summit.

Get Vaccinated

We are working on getting all of our staff members vaccinated for COVID prior to the Summit.

We recommend that all people attending the Summit get vaccinated or have immunity from a prior case of COVID.

We will not be checking “vaccine passports.”

I understand the the vaccines are experimental. We are all in a giant phase III trial. If you don’t want to get vaccinated, that’s fine. But we think it is wise to get vaccinated before you attend any public gathering. That’s why I got vaccinated. Please make your own vacine decision.

Attend Virtually

If you:

  • Are in a high risk group.
  • Have been exposed to someone with COVID or the symptoms.
  • Have symptoms or test COVID positive.
  • Are in an area with a high rate of COVID infections.
  • Are afraid of attending the Summit because of COVID.
  • Can’t travel because of your country’s or company’s restrictions.
  • Or have any other reason to not attend in person.

There is a simple answer: ATTEND VIRTUALLY.

You can’t catch COVID over the internet!

We have gone to considerable effort and expense to make the Virtual Summit fantastic. About half of the current registrants are attending virtually.

If you are worried about COVID, attend virtually.

If you think you have COVID or test positive, attend virtually.

If you are at the Summit and think you might have symptoms, get tested locally and attend virtually.

We don’t want you worrying about COVID instead of paying attention at the Summit. So, use the virtual option if you are worried.


We will follow any mask mandate that is in place in Knoxville when the Summit is held.

Also, we will issue TapRooT® Masks to all in-person attendees.

If you want to bring your own N-95 mask or full-face biohazard mask, that is fine.

We will also provide more than 6 feet of space around any speaker. (At this point we assume that speakers won’t be wearing masks.)

Also, we will have hand sanitizer available for use by attendees.

Convention Center

Of course, the Knoxville Convention Center has its own actions it is taking to prevent the spread of COVID. These include:

  • The use a cleaning system called VenueShield™ and deep clean the facility after every event.
  • They have implemented additional cleaning technology using the latest virus killing technology during our event.
  • Using high efficiency filters and replacing them regularly.

For more information about the convention center’s precautions, see:


In Summary

  1. Attend virtually if you have any worries.
  2. Help us take the most effective precaution – get vaccinated.
  3. Follow the rules in place at the time of the Summit.

Thanks for your help in making the Summit a COVID free success.

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