March 29, 2006 | Ken Reed

Custom Troubleshooting Tables

Equifactor(R) has some pretty powerful troubleshooting tables built into the software. It started with the vast petrochemical experience of Heinz Bloch, and has rapidly progressed to new tables targeted at a wide range of industries. But what do you do if there is no table that fits you particular equipment?

Custom Troubleshooting Tables are the answer. These tables allow you to develop new tools in 2 ways. First, you can capture that “tribal knowledge” that has been floating around out there in your maintenance department. Get that expert experience written down before it is lost or forgotten.

Secondly, it is a great way to document troubleshooting efforts of new equipment as you go. When a piece of equipment breaks down, and you finally discover the root cause of that unique failure, put it in a table. You can include the symptoms of the problem, all the possible causes you investigated, and the actual cause of that particular failure. Document how you fixed the issue, including digital pictures of the failed component, allowing future technicians to see what you saw.

It is surprisingly easy to develop a new table. While in the main TapRooT(R) Incident Manager window, select System Configuration at the top, and select Equifactor(R) Maintenance. Then start adding your custom tables. Go ahead and play around with it; you can’t accidentally delete the original Equifactor(R) tables, so add and delete new tables for practice.

We often find that many customers would like to see new troubleshooting tables incorporated into the Equifactor(R) module, but never think to ask. What would YOU like to see? We can usually incorporate new table requests into the next software update. We learned in January from one of our mining customers that they would have a use for Conveyor Belt troubleshooting assistance. I had not thought of that myself, but we have incorporated this new table into our latest TapRooT(R) software revision (v4.0.6).

What do you need? Now’s your chance get your requests in before our next software release!

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