April 27, 2010 | Barb Carr

Customize your Summit Schedule and Take Your Improvements to New Heights!

PuzzleEver attend a conference or training event, and walk away feeling like there was one piece of the puzzle that you really needed an answer to but you just didn’t get? We want to assure you that you won’t feel that way about the TapRooT® Summit!

Did you know that you can easily customize your Summit schedule so that every single session you attend is relevant to your most pressing issues?  That’s right!  You can choose a track (there are nine tracks), and then you can change one, two or more sessions within your track to make it a perfect fit.  Not only can you jump over to any another track to choose a session that interests you, but this year we are offering “Special Topics” that you can also choose from.

Special Topics offer additional options this year (some of them are brand new) and include:

  • Know the Law When Dealing with MSHA After a Serious Accident
  • PowerPoint Tips and Tricks
  • Solving Equipment Reliability Problems
  • Asset Management Problems and Solutions
  • Medical TapRooT® Instructor Update
  • What Does Management Need to Know About Root Cause Analysis (Discussion Session)
  • Sustainable Development
  • Prioritizing Improvement

We think you’ll appreciate the opportunity to have more custom choices.  Be sure to check them out when you register for the Summit

If you can only attend one conference/training this year — why not choose the one that will best fit your needs?  The TapRooT® Summit!  Attend the Summit and go back to work and use what you’ve learned. If you don’t get at least 10 times the return on your investment, simply return the Summit materials and we’ll refund the entire Summit fee.

If you have questions about how to put all the pieces together, give us a call at 865.539.2129.

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