July 16, 2006 | Mark Paradies


I write the daily Root Cause Analysis blog, the monthly TapRooT® Friends/Experts e-Newsletter and a semi-monthly Root Cause Network(TM) Newsletter. I think they are worthwhile and I do get comments and e-mails about them. But last month the blog got the following comment:

“In one month you’ve had 2 comments. Does anyone read much less care about this blog?”

That got me thinking … Does anyone care if I write the blog and the newsletters?

So I thought I’d let readers comment on the blog site by leaving a comment by clicking on the comment link below.

Please let me know:

– Do you want me to keep writing?

– Of the topics I write about, what is most helpful to you?

– What improvements have you made because of what you have read?

– What other topics would you like to hear about?

So click on the comment link below and give me your reply.


Hear was my reply:

I know the comments seem sparse but the web stats show that we had about 500 individual readers yesterday.

Also I think you are slightly off on your comment count. Many of the comments are on older posts that don’t show up unless you look back through prior months. My count is 14 non-junk comments in the past month. That’s about one every other day.

Why don’t people comment more?

I think some people barely have enough time to read much less comment.

Others don’t want to take the risk of having their comments viewed on-line with their name on it.

And of course I screen the junk mail comments.

So I’m not discouraged.

I’ve had e-mails from people I’ve never met telling me that they value what they read here and that it has helped them save lives and improve performance.

In my view if we even save one life by writing for about an hour a day, it’s worth it.


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