January 9, 2020 | Mark Paradies

Do You Need To Evaluate and Change Your Safety Culture?

Brian Tink and Brian Tink

Fix Your Safety Culture Issues

Safety culture has become an industry buzzword. But what does it really mean and how does it relate to your TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis results?

TapRooT® Analyzing and Fixing Safety Culture Issues

Brian Tink and Brian Tink, Jr., will teach you how to use a proven technique to access your safety culture and relate it to the root causes you identify using TapRooT®. This will help you develop effective plans to modify your safety culture.

This course includes:

  • A clear definition of safety culture.
  • An overview of various safety culture models.
  • An organizational culture survey from Human Synergistics International designed to identify your current culture.
  • Why it is good business to improve the safety culture.
  • The relationship between incidents and safety culture.
  • The importance of strong safety leadership. What some organizations are doing to strengthen their safety culture.
  • What “puzzle pieces” you need to put in place to improve your safety culture.

So, if you want to understand safety culture and improve the safety culture at your company, this is a great course to attend.

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