October 17, 2006 |

DOE Management Best Practices

Interested in some Department of Energy Management Best Practices? They include:

Best Practice #1 – Roles, Responsibilities, Accountabilities, and Authorities (R2A2’s) (08/08/02)

Best Practice #4 – Application of a Senior Management Executive Steering Committee for ISM Leadership (08/08/02)

Best Practice #11 – Regulatory Agency Action and Inspection Tracking Systems (12/16/03)

Best Practice #19 – Problem Evaluation Request (PER) — A Comprehensive, Low Threshold, Electronic Work Initiation / Problem Identification System

Best Practice #20 – Joint Review Group (JRG) — A Senior Review Committee For Complex/High Risk Work Packages

Best Practice #30 – 360 Degree Photography Implements ALARA Principle (12/08/04)

For details see:


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Now that you’ve had a look at some Department of Energy best practices, start thinking about attending a Summit with 10 tracks of best practices – the TapRooT® Summit. Pick from any of the following 10 tracks (or customize your experience by attending the sessions you choose from any track):

Proactive Improvement Best Practices

(Track Leader – Brian Locker)

Lean, Process, & Quality Improvement Best Practices

(Track Leader – Kevin McManus)

Investigation & Root Cause Analysis Best Practice

(Track Leader – Dana Barclay)

Safety & Risk Management Best Practices

(Track Leader – Ken Scott)

Human Error Reduction & Changing Behavior Best Practices

(Track Leader – Joel Haight)

Corrective Action Program Best Practices

(Track Leader – Michele Lindsay)

Medical Error Reduction Best Practices

(Track Leader – Don Lighter, M.D.)

Equipment Reliability & Maintenance Best Practices

(Track Leader – Ken Reed)

TapRooT(R) Certified Instructor Certification Maintenance

(Track Leader – Linda Unger)

TapRooT(R) Software Techniques & Administrator Best Practices

(Track Leader – Ed Skompski)

For a complete schedule of the sessions in each best practice track, see:


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