March 16, 2014 | Mark Paradies

What if You Missed a Meeting that Could Have Prevented Someone’s Death?


What if you missed a meeting that could have prevented someone’s death? Or what if you lost your job because you didn’t attend? Or your company lost millions of dollars simply because you didn’t attend a three-day meeting.

Would you make sure that you were there?

Sometimes that what I think about when someone says they just can’t attend this year’s Global TapRooT® Summit. Why? Because people have told me about the improvements in safety practices that they have learned about at the Summit that helped them save lives at their company. They told me how they applied best practices that they learned at the Summit to save their company millions of dollars. And they told me how the ideas they brought back from the Summit helped them looked good in front of their bosses and get promoted.

You might think that missing just one year isn’t that big of a deal … But that would be wrong. Every year the Summit is different. Every year there are different best practices discussed and leading edge practices presented. If you miss a year you might miss the best practice that could have helped you save a life in the following year. And even if that topic was repeated at a future Summit, that chance to save that life has been lost.

But how can you get your boss to approve attending (especially when the Summit is less than a month away)? They need to see the value and see that they too need the ideas that you will bring back. See the Summit brochure attached to the end of this newsletter and find the topics that will help you solve some of the toughest problems at your site. Then show your boss and explain that the company just can’t miss this valuable information. That should make the decision easy.

An intangible that you may not be considering is the motivation that you will get at the Global TapRooT® Summit. Have you thought about how much change you can make happen when you are motivated compared to being de-motivated? The Global TapRooT® Summit will help you revive your spirits and resume the battle to improve performance despite the obstacles. Register today! See:

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