February 19, 2009 | Barb Carr

“Economic Recession Means Fewer Shark Attacks”… how meaningful are your safety metrics?

 Shark Thought1
“71 attacks in 2007 to 59 in 2008…. I can’t help but think that contributing to that reduction may have been the reticence of some people to take holidays and go to the beach for economic reasons,” stated the expert in the article.

This article posted on Yahoo News reminded me of the old correlation that increased ice cream sales caused more sharks in the water. Heck… I would think that with less money in their pocket there might even be more people on the beach… don’t have to purchase tickets to play in the waves.

So what do your monthly safety numbers tell you? When your LTI’s increase or even decrease what caused the change? If you company is by the beach you could reduce the amount of money that the company makes and this would reduce the number of employees getting bit by a shark…. seriously though, if your are not tracking and trending leading indicators (predictors) for your LTI’s then you are just waiting for something good or bad to happen.

If you are ready to make the change and want to know how you have affected your LTI’s, attend our Pre-Summit Advanced Trending Techniques course and my “Improving Improvement: How to Target Audits for Better Performance Improvement” Summit Course in Nashville, Tennessee this October.

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