November 5, 2010 | Barb Carr

Engine Failure: Qantas’ chief said Friday a design fault or mechanical failure was probably……u

“International air safety officials are investigating what caused the engine failure that ripped metal on the left wing, littered debris on the ground far below and prompted the most serious safety scare yet on the world’s largest and newest airliner.”

and the article continues on to say,

“But Qantas CEO Alan Joyce told a news conference that the national carrier believed the plane’s Rolls-Royce-made engine was at fault, not the level of maintenance to the plane.”

“This is an engine issue and the engines have been maintained by Rolls-Royce since they were installed on the aircraft,” Joyce told a news conference in Sydney. “We believe this is probably most likely a material failure or some type of design issue. We don’t believe this is related to maintenance in any way.”

So the protective-redirection-I don’t want to get blamed-we don’t have facts yet policy is now in effect!

Wonder what this will do to the data collection phase……

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