December 5, 2007 | Ken Reed

Equifactor® For Experts

So who needs Equifactor®, anyway?  Discussions with reliability experts and maintenance technicians have made it clear to me that there are a whole range of people who can benefit from the TapRooT® Equipment Troubleshooting software module.

        Troubleshooting teams who are stumped when it comes to the root cause of a particularly tough failure analysis

        Reliability experts who need help instituting a preventive maintenance, operating, and PdM plan for new equipment installations

        Maintenance managers wishing to capture equipment troubleshooting techniques from retiring experts

        Facilities managers working to reduce costs due to unscheduled, frequent equipment downtime

Equifactor® should be used by experts who are tired of finding “root causes” that don’t seem to prevent repeat failures.  Don’t settle for “Improper Bearing Lubrication” as your root cause.  Once you have determined a symptom like this, feed it back into the rest of the TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis system to find and correct actual root causes of the equipment failures.

Upcoming 3-Day Equifactor® course locations:

December 10-12         Las Vegas, NV

January 15-17            Galveston, TX

January 23-25            Lake Charles, LA

Jan 30-Feb 1              Aberdeen, Scotland

February 20-22          Edmonton, AB, Canada

March 5-7                  Bogota, Columbia


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