February 21, 2006 | Ken Reed

Equifactor(R) Course Update

We’ve been putting a lot of effort into updating our Equifactor(R) course and software to keep up with current events. After several months of work, we have completed the final revision to the course. Updates include:

1. New examples, taken directly from industry reports
2. Techniques to make complex investigations more manageable
3. New troubleshooting tables, as requested by YOU!
4. An update to the Equifactor(R) Troubleshooting Chart, more closely linking the use of Equifactor(R) with the rest of the TapRooT(R) system

In addition, a new software update is about to be released. It adds definitions for the various Failure Modes and Failure Agents directly into the Equifactor(R) Reference, allowing one-click access to the definitions. If you have the software, you no longer need the Tables Book to find these definitions. It also incorporates numerous updates to existing troubleshooting tables, and several completely new tables requested by our mining customers. This software release is imminent, and it is the last planned update before the new web-based interface is released with TapRooT(R) version 5.

Upcoming Equifactor(R) classes are all using the new course format. The next several courses are:

Brussels, Belgium March 15-17 (Sign up NOW to reserve a seat!)
Gatlinburg, TN April 3-4 (Just before the TapRooT(R) Summit)
Calgary, Alberta, Canada April 25-27
Houston, TX May 3-5
Gothenburg, Sweden May 3-5

The Brussels and the Gothenburg courses are being jointly sponsored by System Improvements and our international partner SKF. Their @ptitudeXchange website contains a wealth of information for maintenance and reliability professionals.

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