October 10, 2005 | Mark Paradies

Equipment Reliability & Maintenance Problems: The Causes May Not Be What You Think

I gave a talk at SKF’s Asset Management 2005 Conference (for more info, click here) about the need for advanced root cause analysis to improve equipment reliability. (Click here to see a pdf of the presentation.) The response was very favorable. Several companies and SKF Staff Members were impressed with how helpful TapRooT(R) and Equifactor(R) could be in efficiently solving equipment reliability issues and asked how they could get people trained in this – to them – new technology.

One thing led to another and SKF has decided to help their clients (both internal manufacturing clients and external reliability clients) learn about TapRooT(R) by sponsoring several public 5-Day TapRooT(R) Advanced Root Cause Analysis Team Leader and 3-Day TapRooT(R)/Equifactor Equipment Troubleshooting and Root Cause Analysis Courses at SKF’s sites around the world.

The first course is a 3-Day and it has been scheduled for Brussels, Belgium, on March 15-17, 2006.

You can sign up for these courses on-line just like any other TapRooT(R) Course.

And to get more information about SKF’s reliability services, see their @ptitudeXchange web site.

Equipment Reliability / Equifactor®
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