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Course Teaches FAST Ways to Investigate/Find Root Causes of Precursor Incidents

Investigate and Find the Root Causes of Precursor Incidents FAST!

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A Precursor Incident is a minor incident that could have been a major accident if one or two more Safeguards would have failed. To read more about these incidents, CLICK HERE.

It is important to do a good job investigating these incidents with low actual consequences because they could have been a major accident if one or two more things would have gone wrong. The corrective actions you develop for a Precursor Incident could prevent a major accident!

But what do you do if your facility has dozens (or, if you are at a large facility, maybe even hundreds) of these Precursor Incidents each year? Can you afford to investigate each one with the same amount of effort that you put into a major accident investigation?

What Do You Do?

You need to adopt a simple investigation methodology that gives you excellent results with the minimum amount of effort.

We can help.

We took the essential techniques of the famous TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis System and put them in an easy-to-read book (Using the Essential TapRooT® Techniques to Investigate Low-to-Medium Risk Incidents by Mark Paradies and Linda Unger) and made that book the basis for our 2-Day TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Training. This training can help you perform fast, high-quality investigations of Precursor Incidents.

What’s in the Course?

Day 1 –

  • Class Introductions and TapRooT® Introduction
  • TapRooT® System Overview – What you will be learning
  • SnapCharT® Basics – Gathering Information
  • SnapCharT® Exercise –
  • Finding Causal Factors
  • Practice Identifying Causal Factors
  • Root Cause Tree® – Eliminating Blame
  • Root Cause Tree® Exercise – On Your Own
  • Corrective Actions – Developing Fixes

Day 2 –

  • Software Overview – Practicing the Techniques
  • Generic Causes – Optional Technique
  • Causal Factors – Additional Practice
  • Reporting – Management Presentation
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Final Exercise – Putting What You’ve Learned to Work

What do you get with the course? Of course, you get the book, Using the Essential TapRooT® Techniques to Investigate Low-to-Medium Risk Incidents. But you also get:

  • Laminated TapRooT® Root Cause Tree®
  • TapRooT® Root Cause Tree® Dictionary
  • Corrective Action Helper® Guide
  • Course Workbook
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 90 Day free software subscription to the TaqRooT® Personal Software


We are so sure this course will help you perform better investigations of Precursor Incidents that we provide this guarantee:

Attend this course, go back to work, and use what you have learned to analyze accidents, incidents, near-misses, equipment failures, operating issues, or quality problems. If you don’t find root causes that you previously would have overlooked and if you and your management don’t agree that the corrective actions that you recommend are much more effective, just return your course materials/software and we will refund the entire course fee.

More Information…

Find out more about this 2-Day TapRooT® Root Cause Analysis Course by CLICKING HERE.

Don’t wait to register for one of our public TapRooT® Courses being held around the world. Each minor incident that isn’t being investigated, or is being investigated poorly, is a missed opportunity to prevent a major accident. You can’t afford to miss these opportunities! Register today!

Or, get more people at your facility trained to help improve performance and make progress even faster. Hold an on-site course for 20-30 people. Get more information by calling 865-539-2139 or contact us by CLICKING HERE.

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