September 26, 2005 | Mark Paradies

Fastest Root Cause Analysis

Several people e-mailed me that I had left out the fastest way to find root causes from my comments about ways to save time when investigating smaller incidents.

The reminded me about the worlds fastest root cause analysis system – Spin-A-Cause(TM)!

You can see the on-line spinner at the link above. Or you can buy your very own wearable spinner (click here to buy).

And with the holiday season not too far away, you might even think about buying Spin-A-cause(TM)s for your whole management team (so they can all perform instant root cause analysis).

So if speed is all you are interested in, why not use the fastest system – Spin-A-Cause(TM)! You’ll save time and your results will be similar to those who use not system at all.

Root Cause Analysis
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