February 22, 2008 | Mark Paradies

Fatal Accident at Trump Hotel in SoHo Causes Over a Month Construction Delay

Another data point on the cost of an accident.

We noted the accident at the Trump Hotel in SoHo on a blog entry on January 14.

Today I saw an article that said the construction contractor at the Trump Hotel SoHo was just allowed to resume work on the first 23 stories of the building, but is NOT being allowed to use cranes, resume pouring concrete, or work above the 23 floor.

Imagine the costs of this construction delay.

Yes, this was a fatality. The first concern should be for the lives (health and safety) of employees. But one of the overlooked costs of an accident is the regulatory consequences (in this case a stop work order by the New York Department of Buildings).

Construction accident prevention, proactive risk reduction, and good root cause analysis of problems can help companies avoid the unexpected and costly constructions delays that a major accident can cause.

Root Cause Analysis
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