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Pick Your Favorite Pre-Summit Course

Mark Paradies picks his favorite course

Why Pick a Favorite Pre-Summit Course?

Every year, System Improvements, Inc., specifically selects a set of courses to help TapRooT® Users increase their skills and improve their company’s performance. We schedule the select courses to be held prior to the Global TapRooT® Summit.

Below is a list of the courses to be held prior to the 2023 Global TapRooT® Summit (Margaritaville Lake Resort, Lake Conroe, near Houston, Texas – April 24-28).

Find out more about Margaritaville and Lake Conroe here…

Of course, when you travel to Houston to attend your favorite course, it would be nuts if you didn’t also stay for the 2023 Global TapRooT® Summit. Why is it a “no-brainer” to attend both a course and the Summit? Here are three reasons:

  1. You are already there. The additional travel cost is minimal.
  2. You save $300 off the course price when you attend the Summit.
  3. The Summit topics are great ways to improve your performance improvement knowledge and motivation. PLUS, there’s amazing networking and best practice sharing.

Now let’s look at the ten courses and pick your favorite…

Ten Pre-Summit Courses to Pick From

Here are the ten pre-Summit Courses scheduled for April 24-25…

Click on any title above for details about that course.

New Courses Offered This Year

There are three completely new courses this year. The first is:

Effective Communication Certification

This course is being taught by Vincent Phipps, one of our most highly-rated Summit Keynote Speakers at the 2022 and 2021 Global TapRooT® Summits.

This course starts with an aptitude assessment and then includes:

  • Interpersonal communication
  • Adapting to do’s and don’ts
  • Emotional intelligence modification
  • Listening test
  • Content acquisition techniques
  • Responding types
  • Reducing confrontation
  • Facts vs. feelings
  • Ethical corrections
  • Nonverbal communication
  • Correcting with accountability

With Vincent teaching…

Vincent Phipps

You know this will be an interactive, fun, informative class.

The second new course will be taught by Kevin McManus…

Kevin McManus Teaching
Kevin McManus Teaching

and is titled…

Measurement, Trending, and Predictive Analytics: 
How the Best Use Data to Improve Work

This is an important topic that causes great misunderstanding when reviewing safety, quality, production, equipment, or any improvement data. Kevin will remove any doubt about how data should be used and what data your management needs to understand performance.

The third new course isn’t completely new, but it is new to the pre-Summit Course lineup.

TapRooT® Executive Leadership Course

The course previously has been given to some of our major clients who were implementing the TapRooT® System. The course had a dramatic impact by explaining to senior management their role in root cause analysis and performance improvement and providing senior managers with a clear understanding of TapRooT® RCA and how their investigation teams find and present the results of a root cause analysis. The course made successful implementation a certainty.

Tim Diggs
Tim Diggs

Do your senior managers need to understand the TapRooT® System and how to use root cause analysis to improve their company’s performance? Then they need to attend the 1-day course taught by Tim Diggs and Mark Paradies.

Mark Paradies

Many of these courses are only offered once each year, so don’t miss out. Get REGISTERED for both the Summit and a pre-Summit Course and SAVE $300.

Register for Your Favorite

Which is your favorite?

You can leave a comment below to let us know. But the BEST way to let us know is to register your opinion by REGISTERING for your favorite course AND the 2023 Global TapRooT® Summit. You won’t be sorry. The course and Summit are GUARANTEED. Here is the Summit guarantee:

GUARANTEE: Attend the 2023 Global TapRooT® Summit. Go back to work and implement your road map to success. If you don’t save 10 times the cost of your attendance at the Summit, let us know and return your Summit materials and we will refund 100% of the Summit registration fee. This guarantee shows how certain we are that you will learn valuable new performance improvement ideas that will help your company get to the next level.

Plus, by registering for a course and the Summit, you will save $300.


Don’t wait. We don’t want you to miss out on your favorite course because it fills up. Pick your course and register TODAY!

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