September 28, 2010 | Dave Janney

Feeling Lucky?

I am in Las Vegas with Heidi Reed this week teaching our 5 day course.  In the evenings I walk through the Casinos and there are thousands trying their luck.  Gaming may be fun, but in the end, the house always wins.  That is why I am not a gambler (ok, I did put $3 in the $11MM slot machine!)

It occurred to me that many businesses “roll the dice” every day with their employees’ safety, their production processes, their equipment reliability, etc.  Why would anyone do that?  Will their luck eventually run out?  The answer is obvious.

Heidi and I have a full class of people here who don’t want to gamble with their organizations’ future.  They want to fix problems and improve the bottom line.  Smart people.

Don’t roll the dice; attend one of our courses:

Here are some pictures of day one of our course:

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