December 14, 2010 | Dave Janney

Fire at Bangladesh Factory

Here is the story:

There are not many details in the story, but one has to wonder what their evacuation plans were.  The reason this story caught my eye is that it reminded me of the famous “triangle shirt fire” that was one of the main drivers for some of the first safety legislation here in the US.  The public was outraged and forced the government to do something about it.

One would hope with the importance of this industry to Bangladesh’s economy, they would take measures to make sure this does not happen again.  I wonder if the public outrage like we had in the US will surface?  Or will it surface in the mining industry in China? One can only hope.

I’m not usually one to quote Wikipedia, but they actually have a pretty good article on the triangle fire.  Everyone involved in safety should read this and realize just how far we have come.  Hopefully the developing world will eventually catch up.  Here is the article:

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