August 8, 2012 | Mark Paradies

Fire at the Chevron Richmond Refinery

 2012 08 Refinery-Fire-2

Here’s a link to local news coverage:

Here’s coverage that’s critical of the initial response to the discovery of a small leak (before the leak grew and ignited):

Thought this section of the article was interesting:

For years, Chevron has wanted to upgrade its Richmond refinery – replacing old equipment, increasing the amount of gasoline it can produce and giving the plant more flexibility in processing different grades of crude oil. But those plans have been blocked by residents and environmentalists, who say the changes could increase air pollution from the plant. Although the Richmond City Council approved the renovation project in 2008, a Contra Costa County Superior Court judge later blocked it, saying Chevron’s environmental impact report didn’t answer key questions.

The crude unit at the center of Monday’s fire was not one of the pieces of equipment that would have been replaced in the planned renovation, said several sources involved in the dispute.

Here’s video of the fire from a distance …

Here’s the Plant Manager’s statement (not easy to hear) …

Here’s the Chevron Fire Chief/Emergency Response Coordinator’s statement …

Here’s a link to the Chevron website about the fire:

We’ve trained many Chevron employees at the Richmond Refinery to use TapRooT® to investigate incidents and accidents and prevent major catastrophes.  Of course, the bad news is that there was a fire. The good news is that nobody was killed or seriously hurt.

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