January 14, 2009 | Dave Janney

First lawsuit in Denver Continental accident

Here is the story:


Two passengers are alleging that the pilot should not have aborted the takeoff.  I wonder if they are pilots or how they made that determination?

Their lawyer says “Continental knows what happened. They have access to all the records. They have access to the pilots.”

World’s quickest investigation perhaps?  I don’t know if they should have aborted or not, because the NTSB has not finished their investigation, and won’t for months.  What I will say is that I would rather be on the ground than in the air if there is something wrong with the aircraft.  One day we should know.   

Of course there is an agenda here; however, we’ve probably all been guilty of jumping to conclusions and finding things that support our own views while performing an investigation.  Since we are only human, how do we avoid bias in our investigations?  The answer is, by using a proven expert system that is based on research – a system like TapRooT®.  Learn more by attending a course this year – see the schedule:


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