February 11, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Food Processors: Is Your Site Complying with the EPA’s Risk Management Plan (RMP)?

Do you use Anhydrous Ammonia as part of your refrigeration plant?

Does it contain 10,000 pounds of Anhydrous Ammonia?

If the answers are yes to both of these questions, you should be complying with the EPA’s RMP.

Why should you worry?

The EPA can levy big fines for non-compliance.

For example, Jack Frost Fruit Company is paying a fine of $20,554 and an additional $85,000 within the next 12 months to implement safety improvements. Jack Frost uses the Anhydrous Ammonia in refrigeration systems at its fruit cold storage facility.

Part of the Risk Management Plan requires companies to investigate potential incidents involving listed chemicals (like Anhydrous Ammonia).

That’s were TapRooT® comes in. TapRooT® can help a company find the real, fixable root causes of incidents and develop effective corrective action. And that helps them meet the requirements of the EPA’s RMP (and even more important, stop problems that could lead to major accidents).

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