September 4, 2009 | Mark Paradies

Friday Joke: All You Need is a Sign and You Are No Longer Responsible for Accidents!

As an owner of a company, I’ll have to implement this “sign” best practice immediately.

First, notice all the signs near this business entrance…


This is real. It was taken down by the waterfront in Seattle. Five signs in a small area. From “NO LOITERING” to DO NOT BLOCK THE DOOR.”

Then look closely at this sign:


Who knew it was so easy to avoid liability for accidents at your site?

I bet we will see many more of these signs if only they worked.


It is much easier to post a sign than to really improve performance by fixing the root causes of problems both reactively (after accidents) and proactively (before accidents).

Which method are you using? Posting signs or improving performance?

You really don’t want your facility to show up hear is a Friday Joke or a Monday Accident and Lessons Learned!

(Thanks to Mhorvan Sherret for spotting these signs in Seattle and sending me the picture. Mhorvan is one of our TapRooT® Instructors from the UK.)

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