May 6, 2011 | Barb Carr

Friday Joke: Giving Instructions – Getting What You Asked For

On an offshore rig during drilling operations, some new rig hands came on board and after a rigorous audio visual orientation, they went on to work on their respective shifts.

The following morning after shift change, the tour pusher went around the rig floor, and came to where they had to monitor a vital pressure gauge. He told one of the new hands to stay put, keep an eye on the gauge, do not allow it to go over 80 psi and call him on the GAI-Tronic if it did get close.

He went his way and left the new recruit to keep an eye on the gauge. When he returned to the area he quickly asked the floor hand if the gauge got close to 80 psi and he replied, “it couldn’t have gone over because I took out the glass a stuck a screw to prevent it moving pass the 80 psi mark.”

Thanks to Errol De Freitas for submitting the joke. If you have a joke to share on the Root Cause Analysis blog, e-mail it to editor(at) with “Friday Joke” in the subject line.

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