November 3, 2006 |

Friday Joke: Is Winter Coming?


Richard Gerow, a TapRooT® Users that works for Timberwest Forest Corporation in British Columbia, sent the picture above (click on it to enlarge).

He was up in northern BC doing an audit of a helicopter company and he says they “got a little bit of snow”.

The snow came down in just 37 hours.

The person you can see is STANDING UP.

And Richard says that the bad news was that the DROVE to the audit – which would normally take 6 hours. The drive home wouldn’t be fun.

Maybe it is time to start thinking about winter driving?

Here’s a video (click on object below) to watch.


Winter presents special challenges for driving, walking, … all sorts of outdoor activities.

Are your facilities ready?

Have people prepared their cars (and company cars) for winter driving?

• snow tires

• chains

• window washer full and appropriate anti-freeze

• blankets and supplies if stranded

• what else???

Have you had your winter preparation safety meeting?

The further NORTH your plant is, the more likely you are to prepare. But I’ve seen plants in the deep south damaged do to freezing of outdoor pipes. Why? People didn’t get ready for mother nature.

So don’t let a lack of preparation be the root cause of winter problems at your plant. If global warming takes this winter off, be prepared!

It is NOT a JOKE when preventable winter weather related accidents happen.

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