June 1, 2007 | Ken Reed

Friday Joke: New Aircraft Safety Cards!

If you plan to travel by air this summer, it pays to take a quick review of the new aircraft safety cards!

The airlines are really cracking down on unfashionable passengers:


You know, I think I saw this guy when we traveled to San Antonio for the TapRooT® Summit:


Oh, this must be a United Airlines Safety Card ’cause they always say: “Fly the friendly skies!”


Now this is a good idea that should be adopted by all airlines. I heard it saved Loretta Lynn’s life when she was cast in the ocean due to 80’s hair violation:


Sometimes I get a strong urge to do this on an airplane. I’m glad it’s encouraged now:


IMPORTANT NOTICE: In addition to the new passport requirement, we now need to present martial arts certificates before boarding:


We all need to be practicing our artistic style this weekend:


And personally, when I evacuate an airplane, I prefer the ballerina leap, double twist. It takes practice but I always score lots of points:


Happy Friday! ~ Barbara

(Aircraft Safety Card pics are from www.airtoons.com.)

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