December 1, 2006 |

Friday Joke – Rescue? No … Just Tree Trimming Using an Unapproved “Man-Lift”

Imagine yourself doing a safety audit of this job. It would be hard not to laugh (or cry).

(Click on the pictures below to enlarge)

You approach from a distance …


What is going on???


Oh No! They are lifting him up!


That’s when you realize, they are doing this on purpose!


Don’t laugh … It’s just another day on the job for the tree trimmers.

Malcolm Gresham, one of our instructors in Australia, sent these photos from a job in Northern Western Australia (Port Hedland).

If you have photos that we could use on this blog site to highlight safety problems, accidents/incidents, root cause analysis issues, or acts of stupidity that you just couldn’t help but laugh at, please send them to me by e-mail at

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