September 30, 2011 | Mark Paradies

Friday Joke: The 32 Dumbest Things That Real-Life Managers Said

When I found this list I couldn’t stop laughing.

Here’s a sample:

“If you are on schedule, then your plan was not aggressive enough.
If you are behind schedule, you must be goofing off.”

“We have too many unproductive meetings.
Please put aside next Wednesday to attend an
all-employee staff meeting to discuss this issue.”

“I don’t like to micro-manage,
but I need to know everything that’s going on.”

“Whenever you have an idea, discuss it with me first,
and if I feel it is a good idea, I’ll tell the others.
You must learn to let me get credit for your good ideas.
That’s what team work is all about.”

“I think you prefer your idea
JUST because it’s better than mine.”

For the complete list, see:;drawer-container

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