March 5, 2010 | Barb Carr

Friday Joke: Think Outside Your Own Box

Ragan Communications asked managers to “list the corporate-speak they detest.” Here are the responses:

Think outside the box

Why don’t you go think outside my office?

Going forward

You’re not if you keep talking.

People manager

Wow, how many do you have left to manage? Oh, both of them, huh?

Touch base

Just try it. I have HR on speed dial, Glenn.

In the loop

Wasn’t that a ’70s sitcom?


Don’t get me started on this one — don’t even get me started.


How I describe my coffee. The bourbon helps.


OK, you’re “engaged.” But are you “fully engaged”? Because you’re not even remotely engaging.

Drill down

How about you go drill up for a while?

Out of pocket

I’m not kidding, Glenn. Keep it in your pocket.


Calling all scapegoats!


You’re sooooo special.

Too much on my plate

Hey, porky, it’s called a salad. Look into it.

That being said …

Wait, what? I stopped listening to you three hours ago.

No worries

None? Whatsoever? Have you checked your 401K lately?

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