February 10, 2006 | Mark Paradies

Friday Joke – This is What Happens When You Get Stupid on Super Sunday


Frank Wright of Jacobs Engineering sent me this link:


According to the police report in the linked document, it seems that the car’s owner thought that bringing a balloon filled with acetylene to a Super Bowl party would add to the celebration.

But this was not to be a Super Sunday for this jokester … The balloon exploded in the car.

The results are pictured above.

At first I couldn’t decide if this should be the Monday Accident or the Friday Joke. But blowing up your own car and then getting arrested (see the police report at the link) … this just had to make the joke category.

Perhaps readers can use this event to once again caution employees that horseplay and practical jokes can go seriously wrong. Even though no one was killed by this stupidity, an even worse accident could have been the result if the balloon was ignited in a house full of people.

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